Cuba Consulate, Cuba Visa

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey that will go to Cuba, should obtain Cuba Visa before this travel. This Cuba Visa should been approved by Cuba Consulate. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey may apply for Cuba Visa to Embassy of Cuba's Ankara Visa Department that is Cuba's Turkey Visa Agency or to Visa Agencies that work about Cuba Visa procedures.The period of validity of the Passport that will be used for Cuba Visa procedures should be minimum 6 months after the date of your travel to this country.Citizens of the Republic of Turkey should start to Cuba Visa procedures with a renewed Passport before the Cuba travel.This will be benefit to you !

How to obtain Cuba Visa?

People who will go to Cuba can obtain Cuba Visa in two different ways;

1- They may make a personal application to Cuba’s Turkey Agencies and they can obtain Cuba Visa

2- They can obtain Cuba Visa without a personal application to Cuba’s Turkey Agencies.They can obtain Cuba Visa from the Cuba Consulate department in Embassy of Cuba, making a personal application.This Agency represents Cuba.If you fulfill the requirements for Cuba Visa in a complete way, you will obtain the Cuba Visa.If you want to get Cuba Visa without making a personal application to Cuba Consulate,you can go to Agencies that work about Cuba Visa procedures and you may apply for Cuba Visa to these Agencies and you can easily obtain your Visa.

Cuba Visa of Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who plan to travel Cuba through America,is not valid for travels through Canada or Mexico to Cuba. Cuba Visa is a tourist card that is valid for the 6 months and it is not operated to the passport. Besides, your passport should be with you during your Cuba travel.Cuba Visa that is obtained from Turkey gives right to stay for 30 days in 6 months to the Visa Owner.Your visa is valid for 6 months from the moment that is obtained.If you do not travel during the specified period,Cuba Visa will lose validity.In this case,you should make a new application for the Visa. Cuba Visa is a single entry visa.Because of it gives right to stay for 30 days in 6 months,it lose validity after enter to the country and leave the country.Because of this reason,passengers who will travel more than one to Cuba, should get Cuba Visa as many as want to enter the country. Cuba Visa or Tourist Card consist of two pieces of paper.Cuba stamps both of these documents for enter to Cuba and exit from Cuba.It is not possible to make re-entry to Cuba with the Visa that was stamped for exit from country. You can not use your old (worn) passport for your Cuba Visa application.Even though Visa is not operated to your passport ,your passport’s sections must be sturdy and readable, especially, identity section.If you apply with your passport that is worn or has torn pages, your visa will be refused!

How long does the Cuba Visa take?

Cuba Visa is resulted just in a day after applying. Because of there is no regional difference, you can make application from anywhere.In this case, your residence city and the city that you made the application are different , you should consider the period of shipping of visa to you.

Cuba Visa Application Form

Cuba Visa is created by Embassy of Cuba and is used for determine identity informations and travel purposes of people who travel to Cuba. Your passport information is considered primarily and because of that your passport information and your ID information should not contradict. In this case, your visa application may be refused.You need to be careful about surname differences because of marriages and you should apply with your current passport. NOTICE: Important Announcement for People who will go to Cuba through America! People who plan go to Cuba after America travel should get their Cuba tourist cards from Cuba’s Agencies or foreign missions in America.Depending on relations between United State of America and Cuba, this kind of procedure is applied. Besides, you can also make visa application to some airline companies and you can get your Cuba Visa. But; for travels that are made to Cuba from other countries in American continent, Cuba Tourist Card or Cuba Visa is accepted as valid.

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