Cuba Tourist Visa

About Cuba Tourist Visa

Cuba Tourist Visa, Cuba is one of the countries with the most interest for tourists who are curious about Latin America with it's history, music and dance. Mainly children, any kinds of social rights under the assurance of the state like health and education.

Cuban local people, even if they don't have financial means, they do not live in poverty thanks to state aids. In Cuba, there is a life that is different from today's technology world, for example; there is internet restriction. There is not unlimited internet usage except in exceptional circumstances. Cuban culture under the influence of both Spanish and African culture.

Tourist Travels that made from Turkey to Cuba are mostyle for honeymoon or short cultural visits. Cuba has geographical location, on the Mexican Gulf between south of Florida and north of Venezuella on the Caribbean Sea. Those are the regions most visited by Turkish citizens for tourist purposes; Havana, Varadero, Trinidad and Santa Clara. Generally, Cuba has good weather throughout the year. During the year, temperature does not change much. People who has public Passport and will make tourist travel need to obtain Cuba Visa. Cuba Tourist Visa is a document issued separately from the passport. Applicants enter the country with travel cards where the Cuba Visa Services cache and Cuban Embassy's barcod number are located. Evaluation of visa applications for Cuba is totally belongs to the Cuban Embassy. Foreigners living in Turkey must declare their residence permit during the Visa Application.

Cuban Embassy requests passport only for visa application. Applications with worn-out passports will not be accepted. Even if you got a visa with a worn passport, you may have problems in Cuba airport and your entry to the country may be blocked.

Therefore you must renew or check your passport before entering the country. Cuba Tourist Visa is a card that prepared for 6 months. You can stay 30 days in Cuba with Cuba Tourist Visa. Citizens who wants to stay in Cuba more than 30 days, can extend tourist visas for 30 more days by applying to the authorized units in Cuba

Required Documents for Cuba Tourist Visa Application


Passport issue date should be less than 10 years. You should add photocopy of the passport in the required documents. The passport must not be torn and worn-out for Cuba Travel. Those documents can be requested as additional documents depending on the situation.

Biometric Photograph

Those are standarts of the biometric photograph that required for Cuba Tourist Visa Application; it should has 45mm width and 60mm height. The photo should taken on the white background. This photo should not be old more than 6 months. You should prepare 1 Biometric Photo in accordance with these standarts.

Photocopy of identity Card

People who want to go to Cuba should add photocopy of identity card in the required documents.

Hotel and Airline Reservation

Your hotel and airline reservation should include round-trip dates in documents that you've prepared.

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