Cuba Visitor Visa

* Required Documents for Cuba Family Visitor Visa Visa Application Form

You need to be careful about filling the Cuba Family Visitor Visa Application Form. You need to be attentive about supporting documents proving the necessity of travel and correctness of the information declared on the form.


Passport issue date should not be more than 10 years. Photocopy of the passport should be added in the required documents.

Biometric Photograph

Those are standarts of the Biometric photograph required for Cuba Visitor Visa application; it should has 45mm width and 60mm height. The photo should be taken on the weight background. This photo should not be old more than 6 months. You should prepare 1 Biometric Photo in accordance with these standarts.

Photocopy of identity card

People who want to go to Cuba should add photocopy of identity card in the required documents.

Hotel and Airline Reservation

Your hotel and airline reservation should include round-trip dates in the documents that you've prepared.

Travel Health Insurance

Before your travel to Cuba, you should complete procedures of Travel Health Insurance that include dates of your travel and you need to add it in the required documents.

Information of Company

Current Company documents are; original activity certificate, registry paper, levy, signature circulars. You should prepare photocopies of these documents and you should present during the application.

Invitation Card

Invitation Card that is sent by the person that invite should be approved by the Municipality and should be presented with photocopy of the Cuba Passport and the identity card of person that invite.

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