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The rights that Cuba gives without regard to the status difference are attracting many people. Cuba's capital city is Havana. Havasa has a dynamic and colorful population. The short-term visa requirements of the Cuban Embassy are not as severe as in other countries. The conditions for applying for a residence permit for long-term living in Cuba may change.

You need to enter to the country for get a residence permit. You can get your Cuban entry card to replace your visa via our company. For Cuba Visa and residence permit applications, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months. Your criminal record must be clean for a Cuban residence permit.

For a Cuban permanent residence permit, a foreign citizen is required to marry a Cuban. You can apply for residence permit due to family reunification. For your Cuban Residence permit you must have at least 5000 CUC in your Cuban bank account. You must also have financial capability to cover your own costs. Cuba has not only dual currency but also dual economy system. The Currency used by locals is not the same for travelers who come to Cuba for tourist purposes. After playing for residence permit and before applying for work permit you must be sure about currency of salary that you will receive. Applications of applicants who fulfill all conditions,will be evaluated by Cuba immigration Bureau.

People who apply for residence permit will need to present some health outcomes to relevant unit. There is differinces between temporary or permanent residence permit except residence times.

Cuba Work Permit

Cuba Work Permit give long-term work right to people who travel for business that determined time and activity area. One-year sale of a company that will provide employment for foreign employees is required to pass a million on a product base. Foreign citizen who has Cuba work permit can buy car or property in Cuba and can become a member of Havana Club. Foreign citizen can use the Cuba convertible Peso currency.

One of the requirements of the Cuban residence permit is health insurance. Person who will go to Cuba for work must has a current health insurance. A foreign employee has valid reasons for permanent residence right in Cuba. You can visit Cuba for business or tourist reasons and you can stay 30 days in Cuba with single entry and one-one can apply for permanent residence permit without valid reasons. Rights that are given to people who has permanent residence permit are more than the rights that given to living people to work and study. Those are documents that are required for residence and work permit.

Documents that are required for Work Permit

- Birth Certificate

- Cuba residence certificate (Document that certified applicant's residence)

- Chest x-ray film, blood and AIDS test results. These tests should have been done in the last 6 months. These tests can be dont directly in Cuba.

- Educational, technical or practical documents that support the experience (certificates and/or diplomas). These are procedures are valid for adults that aged 16-60.

- Documents that support financial capability (Applicants for residence permit should present documents that support financial capability for his own and his family) (salary payroll etc.) The applicant must have at least 5.000 CUC money in a Cuban Bank.

- Criminal Record (must have been taken in the last 3 months)

- A letter of intent stating the reasons for the Cuban Residence permit application.

- 2 passport photos.

- Photocopy of the passport.

Bank receipt showing that the application fee has been paid.

A notarized consent is required for children under 18 to travel. The translated document must be approved by the Cuban Consulate.

Birth certificates of children under the age of 18 must also be translated and approved by the Consulate.

Documents to be submitted to Cuban Immigration Bureau must be translated by accredited interpreters by the competent authorities. Both the original and the translated document must be presented to Cuban Consulate.

Cuban Residence Permit Application Period

Cuban permanent residence permit applications result in between 3 and 6 months after the necessary documents have been examined.

Cuban Residence Permit Fee

The fee varies according to reasons of applicants that want to get Cuban permanent residence permit. (education, business, family union, marriage, etc.)

You can pay the residence permit fee in cash or bank approved check.

Required Documents for Family Union

- Birth Certificate

- Single status certificate and marriage certificate that given by The Municipality where the territory of residence in Cuba is affiliated or in the presence of the notary should be legalized by Cuban Foreign Ministry or Embassy in Havana.

- Photocopies of birth certificates of both couples

- Original mariage certificate that approved by Cuban authorities

- Copies of the Cuban Consulate registration cards of the Cuban citizen.

Cuban Residence Permit

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